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Friday, March 18, 2011

This post is with reference to Realization II

Ground Rule : Be Open!

The ‘Illuminati‘!! Ring a bell? Those who have read Dan Brown’s books would already be familiar with the name of this secret Occult-Society. Dan Brown’s novels (I am not paid for publicizing him) are mostly based on facts gathered after detailed research even though the story revolves around a fictitious adventure. Although, he focused more on the Anti-Christ (satanic) nature of this secret group in his books, I will be focusing on the controlling part of their agenda.

One day, when a friend was discussing about how the Illuminati was trying to influence the world, how we were presented with crap and were being herded like sheep, believing all the wrong information being fed by the media. I out rightly retorted how such a thing was possible. If possible, how such a cover-up was even being carried out on a large scale level? These are the questions that you all will be facing while reading this I am sure. So, keep an open mind. Its not a new topic, people have been observing and researching on it for several years. As with many conspiracy theories, the truth will only be known once the skeletons start falling out in the open.

Illuminati (As Simplified As Possible)

For those who have never heard of it, Illuminati is a secret Cult group, organized in a hierarchical manner with the ‘all-seeing-Eye’ at the top of the pyramid. This eye is a part of the group symbolism. Represents those at the top, who are actually governing it (the ‘Insanely’ rich people of the world, in India nobody is that rich and supposedly the Illuminati hasn’t penetrated much here. There is a certain satanic-ritual part involved with the elite people, who think of themselves as gods (as believed) but I don’t buy that theory as much as the controlling part). There is a belief that there are 13 bloodlines behind this, Rockefellers and Rothschilds being the main ones. Below them are the Freemasons, several smaller societies working for them, assassins etc. Communication is very discrete at all levels, so basically one level doesn’t know much about the higher level.

There are many people specifically researching on this. They say that the Illuminati look for prospective mass-influencers
(Musicians (Eminem, snoop dog), Company-Heads (some say Bill Gates is involved too), Govt Officials, Media-Houses, Hollywood, every damn field you can think of ). They offer them Wealth and Fame in return for control over their doings (here again they say that mind-control and satanic rituals are involved such as making these people zombies for some time, hypnotizing). Its like Selling-Your-Soul for money and fame. They have their sources placed at every top level institution, working out the orders of the Top-Level. This also includes the Downing Street, the White House, the Vatican, the Federal Reserve Board.

Most of the things are predetermined, they just act out in public on a script. Media is in their control so apart from the script that is read, most of the leaks are subsided internally with threats or other means. When I talk about these things, I don’t mean little matters of little consequences and lesser known people, they include the most influential people at ‘world’ level, people who we know, all the inter and intra governmental matters, and matters of the whole world. Will mention some of the main ones later on.

Illuminati is not a country specific group but yeah most of the controllers belong to the UK, US, EU region. They don’t have the ‘Majority’ of the population under their control technically but are fooling everybody. Total control on the banking and finance industry through the 'Federal Reserve Board'. But other regions are getting influenced nevertheless financially, economically, politically.

Illuminati symbolism: People who study the science of Symbolism say that the Illuminati symbolism is everywhere. Again, a part of the satanic cult, something I don't believe completely, but yeah every group wants to leave a mark on their creations .The all seeing eye, devils horns (yes, although its a symbol used by metal rockers), 666-devils number, 9/11 [10 is God’s number in western civilizations, so you are skipping 10], and so many more symbols.


New World Order (NWO): We have all heard these words! In songs, somewhere or the other. Most of the things are predetermined and are happening on purpose for a greater goal .The NWO, in which they aim to control all the resources of the world. There will be no individual governments. It has been their long term aim. They are playing with the psyche of the masses to induce fear. To lead them into helplessness and ultimately propose their NWO as a solution to the world’s problems. So a lot of hype and restlessness is being created against respective Govts, against humanity (End-of-the-world), Terrorism, Global Warming, Recession, etc.. much more than the actual worth). Illuminati -New World Order

Hue-and-Cry about Terrorism (Out of proportions): A means of creating fear and helplessness amongst the masses. It believed that the Taliban were ready to surrender Osama, before the war, but Bush declined and went ahead with it [Oil]. Motto: Plunder-Take Resouces -Fit Your Person-Create Fear. Osama was a CIA agent. Osama and Bush knew each other even before the attacks on WTC. Osama's brother Salem and Bush had partnered a company(Arbusto Energy Oil Company)[Terrorism: Osama Bin Laden-George W Bush]. Moreover, its also believed that the 9/11 was staged. It was being planned since a long time. Many things are floating around the net. Dimitry Khalezov has his theory that the Freemasons planned the attack, with nukes setup in the buildings before hand for complete destruction.

One Important thing : A US programmer had made a game in 1995 which had 9/11 pictures in it. How is that possible? INWO GAME - 1995

Operation Blue Beam: The ultimate project that will make way for the enforcement of the NWO. Efforts are being made for NWO but it is not working out since calamities like Japan Earthquake etc are uniting people even more :)

Climatic Threats:What is HAARP?. Allegedly earthquakes in Haiti and Niigata were not natural.

Assassinations: Widely known, JF Kennedy, Martin Luther King. Since Nirvana was known for anti-illuminati lyrics and for open thrashing of Illuminati, some believe that Cobain’s death wasn’t a suicide and that he was killed by them for suppression. The Illuminati agenda of ‘Join-Us or Die’ for people who try to expose them. Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Frank Zappa are also said to be murdered. Former rapper, Tupac for trying to expose them in some of his works like 'Killuminati'

Satanic Verses in Lyrics: Some people even say that eagle’s Hotel California when reversed has satanic verses indicating the Band’s involvement with the Anti-Christs. (It sounds like ‘Yeah satan’, but only when u are looking for something fishy). A lot of the famous rock songs when reversed contain them. Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’ when reversed sounds like ‘Thankyou satan’ (I’ve tried recording it and then reversing, it does). Now, whether these were intentionally put or whether they were normal but only ‘sounding’ odd when reversed, only the recording engineers would know ;) I personally feel that any line, when reversed should not contain a sequence of clear English words that make sense. If such is the case, then certainly something has been added externally.

Depopulation: There are (as roughly estimated) around 10,000 Illuminati workers. And with a huge world population, the difficulty increases. So, they intend to reduce the total population by all means. The motto of - "Fewer but better citizens". Reports have appeared about the use of biological warfare (Race-Specific diseases for depopulation and threats).

Resistance Against Illuminati - China is a threat to them for harboring Anti-Illuminati activities. Russia, South-East Asia, Middle East region are supporting them.India is mostly Illuminati free.[Chinese Secret Society challenges Illuminati ].


Dimitri Khalezov - WTC Nuclear Demolition
Osama Bin Laden Was CIA Spy

CIA-Osama bin Laden controversy

Haarp: High-Frequency Vandalism in the Sky

Illuminati Symbolism - Everywhere!
Illuminati Symbolism in Hollywood

I think this much data is sufficient to keep your minds thinking :) I have just touched upon the issues here, it is a huge topic in itself.There is a lot of information available on the web. If you are interested in knowing more, then please feel free to dig more. And also, paste some relevant links here so I would also know :)

Spread this to more and more people because I really feel we all should come outside of our individual lives and know the world. And most importantly, know that what is being fed in the media, or what is being shown to the world, is not necessarily true. Be Open.

[Technology is reaching newer highs making everything possible. Changes in one country will affect others, it is a small world after all :)]


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