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Happy Friendships Day!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Dedicated to all my friends:

People who know the song in your heart and sing it back when u've forgotten the words..
Give that Encouraging Pat when you are going down..
Offer their hand when you are hanging off the cliff..
Pick fights for you even when they are not involved..
Are always there to say 'Draame mat kar ab, its ok'..
Hold the keys to your secret door..
Are party to your crazy plans and even crazier ways..
Are forever excited to hear even the Stupidest news..
Can't wait to discuss the details about your/their crushes..
Reassuringly say 'chal na, move on' when you are off the hook..
Are your punch-bags without any complaints..
Have no issues with being Taken-For-Granted..
Jhelofy you no matter how lazy or stubborn you are..
Step forward for you when you want to step back..

Friends are Friends - no body can take their place!

Life would be tough without them...
Happy Friendships day to all :)

PS: Miss you Nishi, Benu ,Nilu, Mallu, Nikki, Angad, Mal, Nupur, Richa, Ronnie and the college gang...Thanks for being there :)



Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Again, another 'Travel-inspired-writing'. Illustrates the power of Music.

A string of mountains, shading passers-by..
Scorching sunshine tearing through the sky..
And two friends holding their pride..
Set on a journey undefined....

Ride on wheels full of music..
Shut the cruel world out..
Each day brings a promise..
Just feel the life around...

The road keeps winding into the mountains..
The signs are lost in the wild..
Infinite leaves that fell to the ground..
Make no sound they've dried..

Their journey is never-ending..
People see them riding high..
Two souls tied together..
Riding the tide called Life...

Ride on wheels full of music..
Shut the cruel world out..
Each day brings a promise..
Just feel the life around...

Inspiration : While passing through the driest and the roughest patches, I've noticed that as soon as you put your headphones ON the scenery changes into a beautiful colorful landscape : the dryness becomes Autumn... you feel breezy in the heat.... your backpack is no more a weight-add pack - its an adventure pack .

Same with Life :)



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recently, I got an opportunity to travel for 2 continuous days, halting at several places in between. I find it very inspiring. These are some lines I scribbled during this period.

Not surprising that most of the songs, poems or stories are written while traveling.

There comes Joey, Hey Joey! Wherez your bass?
Says Joey: 'Its next to Fredie', he means Fredie's case.
We've packed our van with food and cans,
We're leaving for a tour to NeverLand!!
Oh NeverLand, Where IS that place?
I say its in our Hearts...
5 lunatics with musical-minds and a van full of gas.....
When we stopped by the Reverb-Inn, to play for our heart's Joy,
Charlie sang each note a pitch high and Joey didn't tune his bass...
Eddie thew his stick at the crowd and Fredie lost a few beats...

We play at our terms in NeverLand,
A sacred place it is..
No manager or crowd to please,
And thats the way it is..

Freddy shared a song he wrote,
I asked him, 'Hows this lead ?',
'Just play it with your heart man,
You're the best!' he said to me..
Soon others joined in the group and notes began 2 flow
More instruments and notes poured in as we began to grow

Our van stops only where we want,
Where we want to play our thing,
Where Charlie can sing the way he wants
And where Eddie can Just slam his toms,
Our amplifiers blare out 2 loud,
As we play to our hearts for long..

We play at our terms in NeverLand,
A sacred place it is..
No manager or crowd to please,
And thats the way it is..

If you are passionate about music, you will be able to understand the real essence of this.

May you arrive at your NeverLand :) (irony not intended)


Much-needed Return

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

After Ages I return to my blog!
Feels Great! :)

Well, Life has undergone a complete 360 degree spin since then. After college, you come to the real-world, become more responsible for your actions, have several things to juggle, you think about what is to come but still cling to what has gone by and most importantly but sadly, you have to strive to stay in touch with people who bring happiness to you, making it even more difficult. Growing up is never easy...

Add a job to that, a job that is in a different city...where you have to adjust right from changing your food preferences to learning the local language...take care of some basic chores like cleaning up the whole apartment every weekend (that used to be fun :)), managing the 'Common Pool' (i was living with 2 friends and we maintained a central pool, used for general living related needs) and a few more things. This was a great experience in the journey of 'growing up', I crave for independence, to not rely on others and to do my things my way and I got exactly that... along with it: a whole new bunch of responsibilities.

In short: Life HAS taken a different shape, in terms of priorities, beliefs and goals (not good with mathematics) and I am trying my best to make a good life :) Shall keep posting...

PS: A note for people who have always been there... Nishi n Rahul-people i can trust my life with :), Positive influences like GS, Malvika, Ankit...and ofcourse void * for encouragement (dunno what its called these days lol), thanks :)


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