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Realisation II

Monday, March 14, 2011

This post is especially for my fellow 'rational' friends.

Its so natural, right? We try to explain things through Science.
That is the First thing we base our opinions on. The Natural-Phenomena, Gene-codes, Physiological and Psychological ailments, all have answers in Science. Everything!!
The Other is Practicality (Logic to be more precise).
You would say : True, and why not?! If it works and fits, its right.

I am a student of Science and I've been taught to be rational. Science and Practicality being my support systems. I accept only what i SEE, refuting the unseen/the inexplicable/the Unproven, focusing on the 'practicality' in life. All my life I've based my opinions mostly on facts and proven things. Never believed in religious myths and fairy-tales (though they were good fiction to read. Mystic is always a good ;)). Never believed in incarnation, rebirth, spiritual evolution, sadhu-mahatmas(frauds) etc etc.
For me, life was family, friends, school/college/office and an End to it was death. No Karma pending.
Simple: u are born, u learn to live, u make a life, one day u die.

Well, this could be a little confusing.

Recently, while researching on a secret society (a friend introduced me to it), I experienced difficulty accepting certain facts, because it all seemed 'illogical' and way too impossible to be possible at first. Reading further gave more weight to it though. Then, I came across 'something' (a federation of sorts, sorry i'll be putting a lot of 'something's in this post, as I am yet to decide whether/ how to put that it here...or maybe ill have to create a separate post for that) which was against the former, so naturally I decided that If an 'anti' exists, the first should be true.
Now, this 'something' opened its own array of theories. 90% of which were out of my scope of knowledge. In a domain that I shunned all my life as it was not 'scientific' (will remain unexplained for many years). [When a mix of Science, Spirituality, ET-ology, Astronomy, Mythology are combined, it becomes difficult to digest the result].
Answers were there, but to blindly believe them was hard. I became more open and receptive to the possibility later-on.

If I said that there were more humans in the universe, would u say yes? (likely, coz we all know Aliens exist. Earth isn't the only planet, out of the trillions of other planets in the universe, which has an environment conducive for living)
Ok, If I said that the 9/11 was staged or pre-determined, would u say yes?
If I said that Obama and Bush are related to each other, would u say yes?
If I said that we were all being manipulated by a few thousand insanely rich people in the world since the past several hundred years, would u say yes?
If I said that we are about to have a contact with Aliens soon, would u believe?
If I said that Centaurs(half human-half horse creatures in fiction) exist, would u believe?
If I said that a lot of our mythological beliefs could be true, would u believe?
If I said that moving at more than the speed of light was possible, would u say yes instantly?
If I said there were more dimensions apart from 2D and 3D (as in 4D, 5D etc), would u say yes?

There are affirmative answers for these, u have to have an open mind to accept/analyse them.
I am still weighing the possibilities. Now, I admit that Science can only explain what Already exists, only what is visible to the eye. Science builds on previous data / experiences.
What about things which we haven't even been Exposed to yet, but which exist?

To believe that what can't be seen(felt/observed), is non-existent is completely wrong.

Be Open!
Science and Logic cannot explain everything!

PS: More info to follow soon in other posts.


Chiranjeev Singh 15 March 2011 at 23:03  

Agree most to your third last line "To believe that what can't be seen(felt/observed), is non-existent is completely wrong."
And just to mention, I agree with its vice-versa version also..
M just curious to know about the secret society and 'something' u came across..:)
Would you share these in ur next post?

keshavi 19 March 2011 at 15:03  

Thanks post coming up right away! :D

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