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Illuminati II

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well, here are some more updates on this. You might want to read Illuminati I.

Current scenario : No matter how hard the Illuminati are trying to accelerate the NWO , their powers are contained, success seems less likely since there are powers in this universe far greater and powerful than we can ever imagine, the Illuminati know this. They are making desperate efforts now to create fear, to brainwash and depopulate the world since the Earth's Ascension process has already started and changes in the human consciousness are being felt on a large scale by the lightworkers and other spiritual beings on the planet. More and more people are waking up to this. (Will elaborate on this topic in another post)

All these happenings are taking place at the 'Macro' level, so to say.

Only my friends read my blog, I know ;)... so I can guess that all of this is going above your heads. Patience!
Interested? Read below.
Else - Ignorance is bliss :P

Have you ever wondered why all the major world events can be traced directly/indirectly to the US? I obviously am not a US hating freak trying to settle scores by defaming the country in public, No! However, most of the world events have them involved in someway or the other. In India, if you take the 26/11 attacks, there is David Headley, who confessed to being trained alongside the Pak terrorists and 'was a DEA agent'. If you research a little you will find that all the unrest in the world is the result of US secret intelligence services (including Illuminati , which is not country specific). Its still a matter of debate as to whether Obama is directly operating under the Illuminati wing or merely being forced to carry out some of their orders (Though some ET channels have confirmed that he is on the good side, the debate still continues). These Money & Power seeking influential people are the root causes of the world's misery. They've chained people and kept them in the dark since ages and continue to do so even today.

Before the masses fully awaken to Ascension times, the Illuminati have only a few years to go to bring in their NWO, which requires containing mass awakening from happening , stopping DNA changes, depopulating (their most imp agenda) etc etc. As the consciousness is rising amongst the humans by every passing day, Illuminati are also pushing hard. Their deperate attempts are being noticed by the people who are keeping a tab on them. Be it the frequently seen Chemtrails, use of HAARP, mind control through microwaves, creation of fear and panic (its like if you keep people busy with something traumatic, they become less receptive to the light as their mind is occupied with their own problems) etc etc. The Illuminati have been planning a final fake 'alien invasion' since atleast half a century. Why? As part of their Project Blue Beam, which would have been the final nail in the coffin for proposing their NWO as a solution to humankind's survival against them. With the ETs destroying their high-tech machinery and some underground societies threatening the Illuminati, there seems to be very less hope of their success.

All in all, no matter how hard they try to bring it to fruition, there are forces who are keeping a check on their activities and trying to control(lessen) the damage they are likely to cause with these highly advance technologies. Each side's efforts are gradually coming to people's notice. 2011 and 2012 are gonna be important years for sure. I believe that we might get to see the Illuminati unveiling themselves or the First Contact(Disclosure) initiated by the end of this year or the next.

There is just sooo much. If you are interested then you could look up the mentioned terms above. A person only believes when he arrives at it by himself.


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