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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This post is about something that really matters to me..... it expresses my fury about something that bothers every girl or a women...something that exists but is always overlooked....something that has occupied a majority of my thoughts lately.....

For people who don't know the details or haven't followed news : About 40,00 men had assembled at police grounds last sunday to appear for a police examination. After the exam, they started eve-teasing and molesting the girls of North campus and IP college .No means of transport seemed safe that day...rickshaws,autos & even metro travellers were harassed in the worst possible manner,leaving the girls in a state of hurts when you come to know that a lot of people you know; were among them...its not that only girls travelling alone were teased but there have been cases where girls going with their mothers were dragged and molested in front of their parents leaving them in a state of helplessness....everything was happening out there in the open and no one cared to stop it. This just leaves nothing at all SAFE for girls.

The most ridiculous thing was that the molesters were our future policemen and if this is the way they will function , India has got a great future.

when the police was asked for help , they plainly said ' Itne saare ladke hain, hum kya kar sakte hain' and when they were asked to file an FIR , they simply refused to do it. At some places where they DID file an FIR , they started embarassing the girls by asking the minutest detail of what the accused did to them...the SHO of mukherjee nagar said, 'Yeh to Aam baat hai'...Aam Baat????? people responsible for maintaining law n order calling it an Aam baat...

So, girls have now taken to the streets, they are protesting for their rights and in doing so they have been beaten...there was a 'lathi charge' at the congress and nothing substantial has been gained uptill now.This is the way things have been and this is the way things will remain if eve-teasing is looked upon as a normal thing.

If the girls can't walk freely on the streets without men staring at them , if our voices are not heard and if we can't express ourselves freely then surely the conditon of women has degraded......Democracy, they say...

My sole aim in writing soooo much was to appeal to the guys reading this post to ' Treat women with Respect ' and make the world a bit better for them .

This is all we (girls) want .


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