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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Purely an outcome of vella-ism..

PS: and not-so-great cam..


Musical August !

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Late post, Apologies!!
(no internet connection and a wrecked lappy are to be blamed)

Since the last post, i've been to delhi n back, having spent the last month in the most B'ful of fashionz. The Best August ever.

Started off wid a day at the delhi-haat in the Scorching Heat the city is famous for (well, after a month of rains in mumbai, the heat Does look pleasant, trust me! )with some wonderful people u've been eagerly wanting to meet, old memories being revived..

A guitaring event at Barista (KNags) where u meet some more wonderful people, people u've been dying to meet, get to hear some Awesome Vocals and Great Guitaring with melodies filling up the air & Chords echoing from the walls..

Friendship Day at a bookstore in CP, spending time sipping coffee n reading, chatting endlessly for hours with a dear friend.

Then the Most Awaited day, VoidStar performing at barista, special people, special songs, special day.. Cudn't help getting lost (in the music).

The joy of meeting ur twin-soul (ben) after years. Seeing one of the dearest of best(est) of friends, lol, that too unexpectedly when u were wishing lik crazy to meet.. wow!

The release of 'Rock on!', a movie you had waited for since june and actually getting to watch it Twice..

Many ....... evenings with some wonderful people, at a wonderful place making it a wonderful day ( yet to coin a word to describe them, hence the blank.. hehe)

Getting choked a couple of times, staying up at night (4am a few times) and getting up late (afternoon), no one to keep a check on the sleeping hours ;)
Smiling eyes, hurting cheeks and what not.

Ya, it was a 'Carnival' of sorts as a friend put it, but to me :

'A month of Smiles, Laughter n Melody'

So, music stringing some magical moments together, giving me d time of my Life... Life Is Musical! And some Musical Month it was!

Music can be pure magic
When u least expect it.
Can turn sunsets into symphonies.
Weave storms into pictures.
Add rythm to a breeze.
Can bring you old memories
Or help you make new ones.
And on a Perfect Day
The Perfect Note can fly you
Across oceans to Wonderful Places.

(nt an original, just a modification of the real one)

PS: its back to the rains for now.


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