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Friday, April 13, 2012

This one was written during a lecture. I am most productive during classes, somehow I get all sorts of ideas while a lecture is going on so what I do is I open the back of my register and scribble whatever crosses my mind.

Rushing reflections in the mirror,
A mirage in the barren land,
Droopy eyes searching for comfort
A hope fueling thirst to be quenched..

The clouds pass again,
The cracks seething out loud,
New buds about to char to oblivion,
Alive in the midst of a mirage.

A large screen on the lone wall,
Playing the same movie for the 100th time now,
The walls watch, remember, by-heart it and bow.
Its their history, in reverance they stand tall.

The same dream recurring quite often,
some question the relevance it has
To relive the bliss of the fairyland
Or to lock oneself in that time-warp

Events stringed by the human mind
A bait or a lever from the Master-Mind
Recurrences, Reiterations and Questions
And it all boils down to 'Why' ?!


Ocean In The Sky

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scribbled recently during a journey..inspired by the beauty of the sky. Mostly I travel at night or in the morning, but this time it was at dusk. And god did I witness a beautiful site!
It was one of the best moments of my life, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the wondrous nature. Awestruck and Lost! Literally Lost.

It was as if the sky was playing with colors. The horizon was shining in a gleam. There were several shades of blue, different intensities of light, and the clouds - they were rushing everywhere and forming different shapes.
For sometime all that I could see was - Blue, all around, felt as if I was inside a sea. Then at times with a cloud cover below, we were sailing on the surface. And my insides wanted to jump out, into that, to swim across this beautiful ocean, to touch the horizon and come back. To see the sun setting into it, to glide over it.

Wish I had wings!

Well, This is how an airplane expresses its joy on swimming in this 'Ocean In The Sky'.

The smell of wind surrounds me,
My open arms move along,
Twisting and turning to catch a glimpse,
Of the approaching dusk that is beautiful.

All the heaven's colors,
White, Red,Violet and Blue,
Piled on top of each other,
Raining rainbows around with perfect hue.

I'm Sailing within this ocean,
Curving and bending with wind,
Swimming along the boundaries,
Making my way in again.

Can see the Earth's curvature,
Marked by a crimson horizon,
Drifting sea of clouds that underline it,
oooooh, Its mesmerizing!!


Universe, Cosmos and Life

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I had never thought about questions like 'How the first human came on Earth' or 'How the universe works in synchronicity' etc, Wasn't it Darwin's theory about evolution?..conditioned to think that modern day science was providing answers to all these questions, satisfied with the explanations , I never bothered.

Reminds me of a day when there was a debate on television between scientists and astrologers/psychics. The scientists were asking them to give proofs, while the latter were unable make their point. What caught my attention was an astrologer, saying,".. yeh high level baatein hai, science ko iski samajh nahin.." and I laughed very hard on that. Astrology, past life regression etc challenging science?! Was he kidding himself?...But Now, I take my words back. It IS true. Science as projected in the mainstream (I say that because only a little info is made available to people in the mainstream, scientists are definitely researching on every possibility but just a subset of the info, which is considered enough to shape public opinion, is released) is still a baby, learning things as and when it encounters.

So, Who ARE we? Where did we come from? Earth has completed over 5 billion years of existence and humanity (as known) 4-5000 years, What happened before that? Did we just evolve from ameoba and other micro-organisms over centuries, or did we migrate from another planet? Will the current state of earth remain this way in future, with humans (along with pollution and nuclear mess ) inhabiting the planet for several more centuries, or is there a chance of a wipe-out? Is there only one Universe (that we know of) or a possibility of Multiverses(parallel universes)? Are there Ghosts and Sprits, if so, why don't we see them? Do we take birth after we die, or is it just a concept used by Yogis? Why some people are born with psychic powers, or do they dupe people? 'Humans are spiritual beings', What does it imply, that we are supposed to pray and have faith in god, or is it much deeper than this?

I can mention 1000 more questions here but the answers will come only with time. In the meantime, one can expose oneself to the reliable though unconventional theories available. I might mention them and then forget about them completely (Ignorance is bliss :P), but for the 'consciousness' of my being to grow, I need to 'realize' the answers to these questions.

There is just sooo much that I don't know where to start from..

Lets start from Evolution. Everything in this world/universe is Energy, or Light. Everything (matter, force, light, life, visible/invisible) resonates at a particular frequency. There is an entity that is governing the functioning of the synchronicity in the universe (its not a random thing). It has been observed by various scientists that the spacing between the planets of the Solar Systems (notice the 's') bear a harmonic code, mathematicians go wild discovering the golden means and other ratios in the universe. In simple words, the planet spacings, their diameters, ratio to each other aren’t arbitrary, they bear special ratios. So its not like a random cloud of gas & dust came together to form planets and planetary systems. The central 'Star' (sun in our system) is like the gateway to these systems with the central Stars governing their own planetary systems. And yes, I am definitely hinting that earth is not the only planet to have life. Every Star System, for that matter has life in some form or the other. They might be Invisible to our eyes but there are several people like us in the universe. Yes, looking similar to us. (There is a reason why they are invisible to our eyes. I will get to all this in another post). There is a concept of Dimensions. We know about 2D and 3D(We are in this one). There are several more dimensions. As far as I’ve read, there are Eight dimensions(no documented proof of the number anywhere though), like a musical Octave, after which the Eighth dimension acts as the first dimension of the next Octave and so on..This is like an Evolutionary Path for everything that exists in this Universe. The density decreases as you move up the path.

Now, Earth has its own Evolutionary path. The beings on Earth have their own. And the two are NOT mutually exclusive. Earth is currently in the Third dimension (3D). This means that the frequency at which Earth vibrates is of third dimension and is lesser than that of 4th and above. This evolutionary shift is referred to as the 'Ascension' process. Remember Dinosaurs? Earth faced evolution around the time of their extinction. In 3D the cycle is of 75000 years and is about to end in near future. And, the transition has already begun many years ago.

What does that mean? The sun is sending out more energies, its magnetic field has increased multiple folds, the solar activity has also increased. This means that the planets in the solar system are receiving more energy. They are in turn increasing their own frequencies to tune in to these energies. Going through unrest and physical changes. Hence, the increase in natural calamities since the last 10 years or so. These changes are supposed to accelerate now. Some people say 2012 is the year, but It can't be that accurate. So I guess add 4-5 more years atleast. Evolution is not a one-off random thing, it is planned and fixed. There has to be an entity governing all this.

Wondering where the Human is in this? According to Quantum physics that talks about atoms, whatever happens at 'macro' level, happens also at 'micro' level. The changes that Earth is going through are being felt by people living on it. Changes are happening to us too. We all are going through an evolutionary phase at the end of which we would be in the 4th Dimension. This is where your spiritual journey kicks in. We will evolve spiritually into 4D beings. How this will happen etc is up to the Universe, that creates several species and helps them evolve at fixed times. The 3D world is a physical world. 4D world (and above) is more of a spiritual world. An Astral Plane (spiritual plane) gets added. You are more aware of yourself as a spiritual being, having a soul. There will be changes in your physical body, your thinking, your DNA. Some dormant DNA strands will be activated. You will be inclined to feelings such as Love, Light, helping others, Selflessness. Things that make you 'human', not money, fame, hatred, war – things of the physical plane (3D). Nobody knows how and when this would happen. The process has started and changes are being felt in the consciousness level of Earth by higher spiritual realms (spiritual beings).

In a way, our DNA which is of two strands right now, will change. More stands are going to be activated. Scientists call 95% of our DNA as the 'junk-DNA' because they don't know what it does, not being used by us at all. More of it will be activated and our consciousness will increase with that.

More and more people are becoming aware that a fact like this has been kept under covers for 1000s of years (not for our benefit). We are supposed to know who we are and what we are here to do. But, apart from the obvious reasons why certain people would prevent this, as I've mentioned in previous posts, such kind of a thing has been shunned by the 'society' of rationalists too .

There is still a lot to write. You might not believe all this, that is understandable. Keep an open mind.

Open yourself up.

PS: I've been through a life-changing sort of an experience over the last year. Whole of 2010. When I've introspected a lot about myself. I've thought about the big questions in life. Something I feel (it appears to myself) as a 'Zooming OUT' of the everyday life happened. And, I began to look at life in the broader perspective. Stringing events together to see a coherent picture of the life. This is the time that I have been very restless, very unstable and very touchy, emotional over the slightest of things.

A trigger for all this was a series of unfortunate happenings, all occurring at the same time in my life. I felt the lacking of something 'solid', felt that nothing at all was 'real'. That made me question the 'reality' as we perceive it to be. 'Its all in your mind ' is something I've always believed in and I was starting to think that probably your reality is only what your mind creates for you. You create your reality.

2010 was mentally torturous for me. Towards the starting of 2011, I was introduced to illuminati. I began researching on this and the positive effect it had on me was that my view of the world changed. It broadened and I became more open to possibilities. One thing lead me to another, and I stumbled upon Spirituality, Cosmos, Universe. All I can say is that I am getting the best answers and eye-openers here.


Illuminati II

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well, here are some more updates on this. You might want to read Illuminati I.

Current scenario : No matter how hard the Illuminati are trying to accelerate the NWO , their powers are contained, success seems less likely since there are powers in this universe far greater and powerful than we can ever imagine, the Illuminati know this. They are making desperate efforts now to create fear, to brainwash and depopulate the world since the Earth's Ascension process has already started and changes in the human consciousness are being felt on a large scale by the lightworkers and other spiritual beings on the planet. More and more people are waking up to this. (Will elaborate on this topic in another post)

All these happenings are taking place at the 'Macro' level, so to say.

Only my friends read my blog, I know ;)... so I can guess that all of this is going above your heads. Patience!
Interested? Read below.
Else - Ignorance is bliss :P

Have you ever wondered why all the major world events can be traced directly/indirectly to the US? I obviously am not a US hating freak trying to settle scores by defaming the country in public, No! However, most of the world events have them involved in someway or the other. In India, if you take the 26/11 attacks, there is David Headley, who confessed to being trained alongside the Pak terrorists and 'was a DEA agent'. If you research a little you will find that all the unrest in the world is the result of US secret intelligence services (including Illuminati , which is not country specific). Its still a matter of debate as to whether Obama is directly operating under the Illuminati wing or merely being forced to carry out some of their orders (Though some ET channels have confirmed that he is on the good side, the debate still continues). These Money & Power seeking influential people are the root causes of the world's misery. They've chained people and kept them in the dark since ages and continue to do so even today.

Before the masses fully awaken to Ascension times, the Illuminati have only a few years to go to bring in their NWO, which requires containing mass awakening from happening , stopping DNA changes, depopulating (their most imp agenda) etc etc. As the consciousness is rising amongst the humans by every passing day, Illuminati are also pushing hard. Their deperate attempts are being noticed by the people who are keeping a tab on them. Be it the frequently seen Chemtrails, use of HAARP, mind control through microwaves, creation of fear and panic (its like if you keep people busy with something traumatic, they become less receptive to the light as their mind is occupied with their own problems) etc etc. The Illuminati have been planning a final fake 'alien invasion' since atleast half a century. Why? As part of their Project Blue Beam, which would have been the final nail in the coffin for proposing their NWO as a solution to humankind's survival against them. With the ETs destroying their high-tech machinery and some underground societies threatening the Illuminati, there seems to be very less hope of their success.

All in all, no matter how hard they try to bring it to fruition, there are forces who are keeping a check on their activities and trying to control(lessen) the damage they are likely to cause with these highly advance technologies. Each side's efforts are gradually coming to people's notice. 2011 and 2012 are gonna be important years for sure. I believe that we might get to see the Illuminati unveiling themselves or the First Contact(Disclosure) initiated by the end of this year or the next.

There is just sooo much. If you are interested then you could look up the mentioned terms above. A person only believes when he arrives at it by himself.


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