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Happy Friendships Day!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Dedicated to all my friends:

People who know the song in your heart and sing it back when u've forgotten the words..
Give that Encouraging Pat when you are going down..
Offer their hand when you are hanging off the cliff..
Pick fights for you even when they are not involved..
Are always there to say 'Draame mat kar ab, its ok'..
Hold the keys to your secret door..
Are party to your crazy plans and even crazier ways..
Are forever excited to hear even the Stupidest news..
Can't wait to discuss the details about your/their crushes..
Reassuringly say 'chal na, move on' when you are off the hook..
Are your punch-bags without any complaints..
Have no issues with being Taken-For-Granted..
Jhelofy you no matter how lazy or stubborn you are..
Step forward for you when you want to step back..

Friends are Friends - no body can take their place!

Life would be tough without them...
Happy Friendships day to all :)

PS: Miss you Nishi, Benu ,Nilu, Mallu, Nikki, Angad, Mal, Nupur, Richa, Ronnie and the college gang...Thanks for being there :)


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