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Life II

Friday, January 07, 2011

And I move forth, Leaving parts of me as I go,
Reluctant to blow with the flow, but who am I to know.

The journey is Uncomfortable,
A tiresome voyage that is Unavoidable,
Sometimes you are fooled to believe you are Invincible,
Until you face the Unimaginable,

Although the finish line seems near,
You've lost the ones who are dear,
As you see it all in the rear,
The insides swell up with fear,
The finish line is cleared,
But you ended up as your worst fear..



Just when the dust gets settled,
Wind causes unrest again..
Just when the soul has rested,
Its set to search again..

Just when the love reaches the maxima,
It crumbles down again..
Just when the heart meets its equal,
The silent pain seeps in again..

Just when the destination looks near,
the track is lost again..
Just when confidence seems dear,
The ego agrees otherwise again..

And I swing like a pendulum....


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