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Things I want to do before i die

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just 3 days left for exams but Im sick n tired of it so much already that I'd rather post something here than see the face of ' Elements of Theory Of Computation by Cohen '. So I penned a few things that I always wished....

Here are a some things that I really want to do before i die.....rather they r things that i wish i could do ( coz sm things seem impossible...)
It goes like this:

  1. Take a tour of the world specially Rome and highlands n meadows of Ireland.
  2. Learn French , trust me.... i tried doing that in the 1st sem...had 1st sem exams nt been there during that time, i could cut off one thing from my wishlist. As of now, I just remember 'bonjour' and a few other greetings...
  3. Watch a cricket match from the pavillion.
  4. Learn swimming, coz i've always had a fear of water.
  5. Become more organised and an early-to-bed-early-to-rise person. This is one problem my dad has always had with me....
  6. Become a pro in guitaring, n hopefully have a band of my own....This has been my dream since i don know when....... hv had endless discussions on this with Marilyn, Ben and Nilu.....if u guys are reading, just want you to know that i really miss those days....
  7. Open an old age home , shreya n u guys remember our plans of going to old age homes on sundays...which unfortunately never came true ofcourse....
  8. Go to Goa with friends......this is one wish that i think is really gettable......guys r u listening??......ab to plan bana lo yaar...........
  9. This ones a bit hypothetical.....if i could find Hermione's time turner or could turn back time, I wish to relive 5-6 yrs again ....
  10. Finally, the last onez out of frustration, actually......I wish to get into Imperial College by hook or by crook nw...coz i've already been rejected twice...once for bachelors n now for postgrad.....if anyone reading this has gt any sources placed there, plz, feel free to contact....i am dying to get in....

PS: Nishi i guess we can start our french classes again after exams.....that would give me another reason to stay in


Nishi 20 April 2008 at 04:00  

Whenever you take that world tour.. you know who else is more than just interested :)

For #5 : Are you kidding me??? Ab toh Infy wale hi sudharenge tujhe..lolz

good luck with The band :)

And hum toh humesha se ready hai Goa ke liye.. its you who never convinced Mallya bhai to sponsor us..lolz

May be the rasta to London goes through Infy.. All the Best dear, there is always something better coming up ;)

For french : You are on! 20th may se hi start kar denge :) and I have another 1000 reasons for you to stay in Delhi.. just hope one works..

Keep writing :)

Chiranjeev Singh 20 April 2008 at 06:47  

Well I have done some analysis(!!!) by combining every consecutive two wishes. Let’s see how is it
1 & 2: I think if you really want to go to Rome, its better you first learn German. So for the time being drop 2nd wish......
3 & 4: I am imagining a jump from the pavilion into the swimming pool. Interesting………
5 & 6: These two quite support each other as by getting early, you will have more time to practice Guitar… So done….
7 & 8: Best is to open an old age home in Goa. You’ll be travelling there again and again………
9 & 10: I think you should rather move 2 or 3 years forward in time to get into imperial college. What you say???
I agree that you were not expecting this sort of thing but this is how I took it……..
BTW best of luck for your wishes. You don’t need to see as I saw (i.e. don’t play with them……lolzzz…)

Nishi 20 April 2008 at 10:39  

hahaha... nice observation(s) Chiran... but.. Rome toh Italy main nahin hai?? German kahan se aa gayi beech main???

Chiranjeev Singh 20 April 2008 at 17:51  

oooppppppppsssss..... you knew...........lollzzzzzzz

keshavi 20 April 2008 at 22:40  

@ chiran: hey thanx a lot for that detailed lyk a true would-be IIMite.....n it should be italian but got the point anyway....

@ nishi: 'mallya bhai' u shd give it a rest now coz ppl are seriously wonderin if i actually knw him by any chance....
for:'May be the rasta to london goes through infy', well, Dil ko tasalli dene ke liye khayal acha hai galib....

ps: Those 1000 reasons, im dying 2 knw.....

Lakshay,  21 April 2008 at 00:35  

keshavi..... jus sleep 2 xtra hours every day and all your wishes will come true. :-)

Goa wali mein I can help you if u say. Hotel ki booking main karva deta hun. Kingfisher ki booking tu karva de.

keshavi 21 April 2008 at 00:48  

lolz...done hai.....mallya itna to kar hi sakta hai mere liye....main to bol bol k thak gayi hoon bhai....

Siddhi Agrawal 21 April 2008 at 15:19  

hmmm .....hopw all ur wishes come true
N yeah i wud also like to accompany u for french classes.Even i wish to learn this lang.I attended few classes in std 6 or 7.(wo notes abhi tak sambhal ke rakha hai)Still remember few words... Bonjour madmouiselle

Rabi Poddar 21 April 2008 at 18:58  

hey kappii...nice one....i wish al ur dreams come true....n dnt worry abt d imperial admission...u r meant fr bigger things in fr gettng Hermione's Time Turner, m sure u wud want to do quite a few more thngs as well;).....n Goa's trip is a tym wen we ave a get together, we wud surely be flyng to goa.....
until dn keep sleepng n learning french n guitar

Gaurav Saxena 21 April 2008 at 21:33  

Umm visiting your blog for the first time :). I think you should do away with the 6th point. You have one now. I am pretty sure of it :). Keep at it and one day when you get up, you might notice - they've all been ticked.

ankit jain 1 May 2008 at 02:56  

pta hai kafi l8 visit kr raha hun.. but 1st thing.. cohen kabhi padhi bhi hai? :) bk wz more dan perfect.
yar wrld tour pe jab jaye to bta diyo, mil k plans banayenge.. teri slam me phle hi likh chuka hun :)
pata hai today i went to see crkt match b/w delhi daredevils n bang rc at kotla.. maza aa gya.. best part wz wen Katrina passed by us.. only handful of distance.. d only obstacle wz d fence. akshay kr too wz thr aftr sumtym.
i too always had in ma mind since i came 2 delhi 2 learn swimming.. bt its nt yet dne.. vl try 2, in d holz..
n abt imperial, i wud say dat one gets only wat is written 4 him/her. obviously u need 2 put in pains.. u tried ur best.. thr myt b anythn betr..
i hope ur colg part isnt actually bad dat u miss ur rejection at bachelor's level..
mai ghoomne firne k liye evr ready hun.. kabhi koi plan bane to do lemme kno.
tc. best wishes..

Saumit 23 May 2008 at 00:32  

M very-very late... But couldn't stop commenting this time coz my wishes r quite similar to urs...
2 world tours - 1 with parents & 1 with frinds.
A visit to Goa, learn French(even I took some classes in the 1st sem), Learn Tabla & Triplets & be a part of a band(which is slowly coming true).
Learn Swimming, work with an old age home or orphanage, Live my school days again & the most of all "EARLY to BED, EARLY to RISE" (coz M a Hawk-eyed OWL, who can never sleep at night). So our thinking is quite similar... But I would also waana own a Yamaha R1 & drive a F1-car like Schumi!! Will surely give U a ride, when I buy one...

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