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Friday, February 01, 2008

After a long day I return to my room , feeling tired I walk towards the bed and on the way I pass a small mandir that we have kept in the room. I try to recall the day when I actually stood in front of it and prayed in the usual manner. I get no answer from myself, feeling ashamed I advance towards the bed with a lot of thoughts circling the mind.

Am I being true to my religion?…
Have I gotten so consumed in the cobwebs of life that I don’t have time for god?
And a lot more thoughts that I couldn’t answer.

The realization was a bit disturbing…But somewhere inside I knew what importance god has for me & thought of the endless times when I felt my problems dissolve without much toil…times when I had lost hope but still had faith…

I thought, even though I don’t pray on a regular basis or practice the rituals that my religion involves, I feel the presence of a supreme being, a positive force and a guiding light. There is someone I can turn to when things don’t go well….someone I can blame …someone I can rely on….one who fills me with positivity and the one I fear from if I am doing something wrong…this someone whom I can speak with when I m alone is what I call GOD.

Everyone of us has this god with him and it doesn’t matter whether we are Hindus, Muslims or Christians…we all feel his presence…so the manner in which we communicate with him doesn’t matter…

Religions seek god…they present a way to communicate.…ways are different for each one but god is the same so why not give space to each person to talk to god in his own manner…why all the fuss about religion…why wars…why crusades…

Thinking that , my thoughts came back to the room. No guilt…no shame…I thanked god for being there with me…and I followed it up with a slumber in peace…


Rabi Poddar,  1 February 2008 at 23:41  

yaar jst becz u dont pray to god dsnt mean u r neglecting ur religion or nythng....even i dnt at d same i feel so strongly abt d omni power.....its we u ave introduced d practice of idol worshp n nt it dsnt matter how we shw ,bt wat we really r matters d mst....:)

Nishi 8 February 2008 at 01:10  

Nice words kappi... really..
Totally agree with you.. :)

btw.. when you update your blog you are supposed to inform me.. atleast!!!

Siddhi Agrawal 11 February 2008 at 17:43  

yes dear, its ur faith n ur firm belief in god what matters...not the idol worship...

btw, i have also updated my blog

Chiranjeev Singh 21 April 2008 at 14:23  

uh....... badi badi baatein.......
Yaar main bhi bahut sochta hun iske bare mein. Kai bar man mein me aati hai. Bhagwan ko har koi apne hisab se dekhta hai, ek violent insaan ko Maa kali, ek pyar krne wale ko wo pyar ka sagar(ocean), ek truth follower(Gandhi) ko wo Biggest Truth, ek paise ke Pujari ko wo Lakshmi Mata, ek vidya(study) ke pujari ko Saraswati Mata, ek Kaami(lecher) ko wo Ling(sexual parts.... they are also worshipped in many parts of the country), kaiyo ko Saap, peepal tree, Sun, Moon pata nhi kis kis tara najar aata hai.

Osho says: "These are the perception of different people. It only shows who they are, not who or what is God."

What my Religion says about God can be read at:

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