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Musical August !

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Late post, Apologies!!
(no internet connection and a wrecked lappy are to be blamed)

Since the last post, i've been to delhi n back, having spent the last month in the most B'ful of fashionz. The Best August ever.

Started off wid a day at the delhi-haat in the Scorching Heat the city is famous for (well, after a month of rains in mumbai, the heat Does look pleasant, trust me! )with some wonderful people u've been eagerly wanting to meet, old memories being revived..

A guitaring event at Barista (KNags) where u meet some more wonderful people, people u've been dying to meet, get to hear some Awesome Vocals and Great Guitaring with melodies filling up the air & Chords echoing from the walls..

Friendship Day at a bookstore in CP, spending time sipping coffee n reading, chatting endlessly for hours with a dear friend.

Then the Most Awaited day, VoidStar performing at barista, special people, special songs, special day.. Cudn't help getting lost (in the music).

The joy of meeting ur twin-soul (ben) after years. Seeing one of the dearest of best(est) of friends, lol, that too unexpectedly when u were wishing lik crazy to meet.. wow!

The release of 'Rock on!', a movie you had waited for since june and actually getting to watch it Twice..

Many ....... evenings with some wonderful people, at a wonderful place making it a wonderful day ( yet to coin a word to describe them, hence the blank.. hehe)

Getting choked a couple of times, staying up at night (4am a few times) and getting up late (afternoon), no one to keep a check on the sleeping hours ;)
Smiling eyes, hurting cheeks and what not.

Ya, it was a 'Carnival' of sorts as a friend put it, but to me :

'A month of Smiles, Laughter n Melody'

So, music stringing some magical moments together, giving me d time of my Life... Life Is Musical! And some Musical Month it was!

Music can be pure magic
When u least expect it.
Can turn sunsets into symphonies.
Weave storms into pictures.
Add rythm to a breeze.
Can bring you old memories
Or help you make new ones.
And on a Perfect Day
The Perfect Note can fly you
Across oceans to Wonderful Places.

(nt an original, just a modification of the real one)

PS: its back to the rains for now.


Nishi 11 September 2008 at 08:43  

It was definitely carnival sorts yaar! Just the way we had planned + some more add ons ;) lolz
Happened at the right time.. I was totally free and really enjoyed resuming apni late night talks reviving our old romance ... lolz:)
Sitting together till 6-7 talking about everything and nothing.. these have been Some days yaar!
The amount of leg pulling, mazey laying and extra laughter ki dose we got.. these will be one of our 'Nothing' moments :)
and Rock On! was like amazing.. we had SOOO much watching it..Debbie and arjun's fights were smthn..lolz

And on a Perfect Day
The Perfect Note can fly you
Across oceans to Wonderful Places.

Yeah tell me about it!! ;)

Nice One, Keep writing :)

keshavi 12 September 2008 at 00:14  

lol:) a Carnival indeed!

these were just Some of the 'Nothing' moments, abhi to book likhni baki hai dost ;)

and 'old romance'??!! lol (i dnt kno this girl ;) )

Nishi 12 September 2008 at 01:07  

hahaha... yeah book bhi likhni hai, i sure have a nice plot in my mind.. movie bhi bana saktey hai.. debbie and joe ki story/fights se inspire ho kar..lolz

dat winking smiley says it all people!

v a r a d 13 September 2008 at 05:55  

oh my god keshavi.. i envy u.. ur havings so much fun... when was the performance of voidstar.. n when r u leavin 4 uk? ur goin 2 ucl rite?

swati 13 September 2008 at 13:58  

Really had a gr8 tym wid u all..atleast v met so many times bcz f u :) now u r gone so lets c wn v wl meet or get d excuses f meetin each other lolz..

keshavi 13 September 2008 at 19:49  

@varad: nice to c u on d blog :)thanks! well,d post says it all..hehe n u urslf must b hving fun in Aus, i envy u..
VoidStar performed on d 5th of Aug,CS ppl n a few outsiders..

@swati: Thanks yar :) wish u more such days,lol,in dese 3 yrz we've bcm experts at finding reasons to hangout.. so excuses r Nvr going to end :)

ankit jain 14 September 2008 at 00:17  

ur post indeed says u hd d best of times coz nw in mumbai u r free to post smthn new.. ur last post wz also wen u wr in mumbai :)
so u mst be thinkin heavily of d moments spent in del..
still rem ur say "kandha khallas ho gya".. on d 1st day u met dis season.. n u mst also b remembrin d last day of r meet in delhi ;)
i hope u dint mind it mch.. coz as nishi truely says : friendship is also abt pullin legs till d prsn is irritated, stil being thr 24*7..
keep posting..

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